Lil-Kim-Floyd-Mayweather-7According to the inside source, Ray J is embittered that Pretty Boy Floyd hasn’t been exposed as a hypocrite.

“It’s funny how nobody’s talking about how Floyd smashed all Ray J’s (sloppy) seconds,” the source revealed. “He really smashed the homies for real! And he is still smashing Lil Kim while having a girlfriend and being engaged to Ms. (Princess) Jackson.  You see who was with Floyd at the strip club right? A friend my a–?”

Despite the fact that Mayweather has been outted as a cheater, he was still posted up strong at the recent BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, telling the assembled media that he was still with Ms. Jackson.

“But over the weekend  Floyd was on the red carpet for the hip hop awards claiming to several media outlets they were married.

As you recall, it was Mayweather’s former BFF 50 Cent who dropped the bomb on Mayweather and Ray J dating/smashing the same chick “At the same d— time.”

And now it looks like Ray and May were doing multiple women at the same time and didn’t even know it.

Terry Shropshire

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