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Rick Ross blasts Jimmy Kimmel: ‘He ain’t welcome here no more’


The Kanye WestJimmy Kimmel feud appears to be spreading. West went ballistic last weekend after Kimmel spoofed the rapper with a sketch on his late-night talk show; and there is at least one other hip-hop superstar who is now taking sides in the conflict.

Rapper Rick Ross spoke about the beef between Yeezy and the comedian, and Rozay revealed to MTV that he’s riding with Kanye.

“I really didn’t watch all the interview. I just saw some of the Jimmy Kimmel s—,” Ross said. “F— Jimmy Kimmel. You know we riding with the culture. So, Jimmy Kimmel he ain’t welcome here no more. You understand it? People who cross that line — they not welcome no more.”

The bad blood between West and Kimmel began when Kimmel poked fun and West’s recent BBC interview, during which the hip-hop superstar ranted about his fashion innovations and his ambition to create “product” like designer water bottles. Kimmel re-enacted the interview with child actors on his show, and West exploded in a lengthy Twitter tirade against Kimmel. While most seemed to view the spat as a quarrel between two individuals, Rick Ross is apparently taking Kimmel’s joke as a slight against hip-hop in its entirety.

“But as far as Kanye, I just love his passion,” Ross added. “And I feel anybody that love what they do — you gotta respect someone that is that passionate about what they do, because homie a hundred mill. You can just sit back and really don’t give a f—, but he actually cares about the culture. He puts that much passion into it.”

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz also recently shared his thoughts on the feud, and the frequent G.O.O.D. Music collaborator said that he understands where Kanye is coming from.

“You know, Kanye’s very passionate,” 2 Chainz said. “[For him] just letting his self go to the media like that, I think he just has so much information that he wants to deliver. For me, I realize the special qualities I bring to the game although some people don’t. He’s one of the few people that do. I appreciate him greatly.”