7 rules to remember during ‘cuffing season’


As the seasons change, the dynamics of relationships can change too. While parties and the nightclub scene can keep most busy during the summer, the fall and winter months can cause most to yearn for affection and cuddle time. It’s the effect of “cuffing season.”

For those unfamiliar, “cuffing” derives from the word handcuff and it essentially means to hold on to someone for a period of time.

Similar to hibernation season, cuffing season starts in October and can last until February or March (depending if gifts are shared during Valentine’s Day). But while cuffing season can be exciting, there are several rules that must be followed in order to get through the season successfully.

Here are seven rules to remember during cuffing season:

Choose wisely

It’s important to not become blinded by cuffing season. Similar to the NFL or NBA draft, you should choose wisely when picking your cuff buddy. If you discover the person has deep issues and might be a problem months from now, you may want to steer clear. Also, be wary of the old flames who may attempt to come back. If things ended on rocky terms, you should probably move on before history repeats itself.

Keep it safe

Cuffing season is strictly for companionship during the cold winter months. So if sex is involved, always keep it safe by using condoms. You don’t want to become a baby’s mother or baby’s father next summer. Also, you surely don’t want any sexually transmitted diseases. If you’re not engaged or married, safe sex is your best bet.

Pace yourself

The cuddle time, eating good meals and movie watching can be comforting and addictive. However, don’t rush or force things when it comes to a relationship. Enjoy the moments you spend with each other, but never think that it’s a time that will or should last forever.


Be honest

After the two-month mark during cuffing season, both partners should be honest with each other. If feelings aren’t mutual, you may want to break up before someone’s feelings gets hurt. Remain honest throughout the season and never lead anyone on.

Holiday rules

When it comes to holiday gatherings, you both have to discuss and be on the same page. If your partner doesn’t invite you to spend time with his or her family during the holidays, it can be devastating if assumptions were made. Be open about your holiday plans so that both of you are clear on what will transpire during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Have an Instagram agreement

Just because you are cuddling every night and watching movies together, it still may not be the time to broadcast your cuff buddy on Instagram or Twitter. Before posting pics of each other, make sure that you both can deal with being on social media as a couple. Once the pictures are posted, questions will occur and the nosey followers will attempt to infiltrate.

Become a fan of Drake, Netflx and Food Network

Drake recently released the soundtrack to cuffing season with his latest album, NWTS. Now that he has prepared you for the emotions that will be needed over the next few months, it’s time to get Netflix ready so that you and your cuff buddy can spend hours watching movies and TV shows. The Food Network will also prepare you to cook meals when going out to eat gets too expensive.

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