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Chante Moore addresses rumors that Kenny Lattimore is gay

Chante Moore 7 Kenny Lattimore -Cover

Undoubtedly, one of the most awkward moments on the “R&B Divas LA” reunion show was when host Wendy Williams asked Chante Moore if her ex-husband, Kenny Lattimore, is secretly gay. During the show, Moore refused to answer the question, but she recently opened up with Juicy Magazine on the matter and shared her opinions on the rumors.

“I don’t know where they [sexuality rumors] started. I was not personal friends with him for long. I was an acquaintance before we dated so I don’t know anything about that,” said Moore.

Moore neither confirms nor denies whether Lattimore is straight, bisexual or gay, instead choosing to leave that kind of revelation up to Lattimore himself.

“That really isn’t a comfortable thing to talk about. Being that he isn’t my husband anymore, I leave it up to him to answer because that’s his life,” said Moore.

However, Moore does say that fans can learn more about the details of the rise and fall of her marriage with Lattimore if they listen to her new album, Moore Is More.

“If you want to know any more about what happened, about my relationship, buy my album because I wrote a whole album about it on Moore is More,” said Moore.

Well, we don’t expect to hear much of anything from Lattimore, but he is not the only celeb who people suspect may be gay or bi. Check out some other rumored gay and bi stars below. – nicholas robinson

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