Distributing nude photos of an ex-partner can lead to 6 months in jail


Distributing a nude picture of an ex-partner can lead to a $1,000 fine and six months of jail time in California.

According to a report by Time.com, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed an anti-revenge porn bill making it illegal for individuals to distribute, sale or publish nude images of an ex-partner without their permission.

However, there are several stipulations to the bill. For instance, a person can only be charged with a crime if they took the photo of their ex-partner. If the victim took a nude selfie and sent it to their former lover, the distributor of the photo will not be charged.

California legislators are working on expanding the bill by making the distribution of nude selfless illegal.

New Jersey is the only other state with a revenge-porn law. Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are working on similar bills.

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