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Pusha T dismisses emo rappers as ‘culture vultures’

G.O.O.D. Music star Pusha T has finally released his debut solo album, My Name Is My Name. The project experienced numerous delays and fans had grown impatient for the project to hit the streets, but with the album’s release this week, the former Clipse member is relishing the moment and making the media rounds.

During a recent interview with HardKnockTV, Pusha was asked about his third verse on the track “King Push,” where he raps: “Vultures to my culture/Exploit the struggle, insult ya / They name-dropping ’bout ‘caine copping / But never been a foot soldier.” With the Clipse and beyond, Pusha T built his name on street raps that heavily referenced his drug-dealing past; and in the interview, he was asked to specify what he meant by “culture vultures.” He explained that there are too many rappers exploiting drug dealer lifestyles via references in their music.

“All the different rappers now,” Pusha T said. “Rap is so emo right now. Right? Rap is so emo and this is how you have to look at it. Cool. That’s the change that’s going on right now. Boom. That’s fine. We’ll take that.”

“But now the emo guys and other rappers who aren’t of the street world or of that mentality, they now want to use street slang and they want to use the street metaphors, the drug references because it makes their rhymes sound good,” he added. “It makes their rhymes sound cool or whatever. Culture vultures, man. They’re everywhere, even in rap.”