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Tamar Braxton explains how motherhood has mellowed her


Tamar Braxton has had quite an eventful year. The outspoken star of “Braxton Family Values” and “Tamar and Vince” has become a reality sensation, dropped an acclaimed and commercially-successful album (Love and War) and this past summer, she became a mother for the first time. Speaking with RO, Braxton revealed just how much she’s grown in the wake of all of these major life changes–and says that the brash firecracker that fans have gotten to know via her reality shows has made some major changes since giving birth.

Seeing herself on television was a bit of an eye-opener, as well.

“The number one thing that I can say that is better about me is the way I communicate with my sisters,” Braxton explains. “My sisters and I have a great relationship and that’s very important in my life. I’ve had to check myself as far as how I was speaking; not necessarily what I was saying. But they should be talked to in a certain way. I have to respect them.”

“In watching myself, I see my intent but the way I was going about it was completely wrong and disrespectful,” she continues. ” Not only do I check myself a lot when it comes to them, but when it comes to other women. I don’t h ave a filter. So I had to ask ‘do you want to be a better person’ or ‘do you want to get caught up and become this diva?’ I want to treat people with respect. The show has definitely helped me become more conscious of how I am with people.”

“[Motherhood has been] amazing,” she shares. “Waking up to [her son Logan]…is the highlight of the day–the best thing ever. It definitely has been an adjustment because its new in our lives. I find the balance because its all everything that I want to do. I love performing, I love shooting with my sisters, I love shooting ‘Tamar and Vince’ and I love my little baby. So I make it all work. It’s about time management and being organized.”

And for anyone who may have speculated that Braxton would be lowering her profile now that she’s a mom–don’t bet on it.

“I don’t really have a reason not to [reality shows],” she says. “All of the reality shows that we do are not scripted and they’re very positive and we don’t really jump into the negative world of reality television. So it’s been all positive and good things for us.”

“There’s nothing that I regret. I’ve done a lot of growing up. I think ‘Braxton Family Values’ has helped me in more ways than one. I’ve become a better sister, a better woman, I’m becoming  a great mom, and a better artist. I don’t regret one moment of it. even the bad times.”