2 Chainz blames video directors for Illuminati imagery


Now that 2 Chainz‘s status as a crossover rap star is cemented, he’s feeling the sting of the ever-present Illuminati rumors that seem to follow any hip-hop artist who becomes popular. For the past few years, conspiracy theorists have claimed that the biggest stars in urban music are disciples in a diabolical secret society, and many believe that these stars’ music videos oftentimes contain imagery that “proves” this to be true. 2 Chainz spoke about the rumors in a recent interview with DJ Vlad, and he said that he feels that directors have more to do with the imagery that shows up in videos than the artist. He also indicated that directors may use such imagery intentionally to stir controversy and raise views of their videos on sites like YouTube.

“Anytime I even talked about Illuminati, I would try to make people think about when and where it really became poppin’ popular in things like that,” 2 Chainz told DJ Vlad. “In my opinion, I feel like directors or people that do imagery, who went to school the past last 10 years, these are some things that they learn. Which is symbols, different icons, different things — whether they be negative or positive, just to get us talking. So if I shoot a video, Vlad, and I look behind you, I have these statues behind you. You don’t know these two statues behind you. I’m the director. I’m shooting this s—. You don’t know that’s f—in’ behind you–you don’t know what the f— I’m doing. … Boom, you leave. Boom, people go online and say, ‘Vlad is in Illuminati.’ And guess what happens? The views go up. The views don’t help Vlad. The views help me, the f—in’ director.”

The rapper also stated later in the interview that hip-hop fans are the only ones obsessed with Illuminati conspiracies. And he feels that the controversy intensifies when a rapper has a large white fanbase.

“In rap, you f— around and get white fans — n—a, you did some crazy s— that I can’t even thank of, fam,” 2 Chainz says. “And it’s slick ignorant. And if it is something that I don’t know about, I’m cool with just not being [in it]. But in my opinion, my theory of this stuff is that, basically.”

Stereo Williams
Stereo Williams

Todd "Stereo" Williams, entertainment writer based in New York City. He co-founded Thirty 2 Oh 1 Productions, an indie film company.

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