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Lee Thompson Young reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder

Lee Thompson Young - Cover

TV fans were devastated in August when news spread that former Disney teen actor Lee Thompson Young shockingly committed suicide. For weeks afterwards, details about Young’s death were scarce and a specific reason for his suicide is still unknown. But now a new report offers some insight into Young’s depression as it’s been revealed that he suffered from bipolar disorder.

According to the New York Daily News, a report from the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office reveals that Young was taking medication to treat his disorder. Lithium capsules and Quetiapine Fumarate tablets were found in both his residence and in his system at the time of his death

“He was known to take his medications” and “appeared okay” when he last spoke with his doctor on Aug. 14, the report said.

However, no other drugs were found in his system.

A source close to Young has confirmed that the “Rizzoli & Isles” actor was living with mental health issues, claiming that Young had no apparent reason to kill himself.

“He was ill. You don’t just do this,” a close friend who’s known Young since he was a teenager previously told the Daily News.

Young’s death is still quite the tragic story but at least this new revelation provides a better understanding of why a young man with so much life ahead of him would choose to end it all. Perhaps his story will help others dealing with this disorder to become educated about the disease and encourage them to seek professional help if needed.

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