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Twitter erupts over ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s 28-year prison sentence

kwameAbout a decade ago, when legendary radio deejay Tom Joyner was asked whom he thought would become the first black president of the United States, two words bolted out of his mouth before the question was complete: Kwame Kilpatrick.

That’s just how well thought of he was back then. And Joyner was far from alone with those sentiments.

Today, a legion of mouths are agape as the former Detroit mayor, the product of a local and statewide political dynasty in Michigan and the youngest person to ever serve in the Michigan assembly, was sentenced to nearly three decades in federal prison for an assortment of legal transgressions that stunned and dumbfounded supporters and adversaries alike.

The city of Detroit, for which the former political prodigy (his mother is former Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick) had first became mayor of at the tender age of 31, is still trying to come from under the mountainous debris caused by the Kilpatrick administration implosion that was wrought by his uncontainable hubris and ravenous greed.

Most tragic about all of this is the fact that Kilpatrick was identified, along with former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, as a rising star within the Democratic Party and a man with unlimited political potential. (Sex was the common denominator that helped bring them both down in successive spectacular career crashes.) Kilpatrick was affable, highly intelligent, boasted an impeccable pedigree, driven, goal-oriented, extremely charismatic, witty and, on the surface, kind to his constituents when he met them in public, which was often. People wanted him to win.

Kilpatrick graduated from the best schools (Cass Tech), attended one of the nation’s most renowned HBCUs (Florida A&M), got his law degree and proceeded to take the fast track to national prominence.

But as he and his father, former Wayne County Commissioner Bernard Kilpatrick, and contractor Bobby Ferguson were found guilty of racketeering, extortion, bribery, filing false tax returns and other charges, the entire state of Michigan — as well as the Democratic Party — can only shake their heads and wonder just how high this mountainous man could have climbed.

Many observers took to Twitter to vent their feelings about Kilpatrick’s once brilliant career.































  1. evolvingwisdome on March 27, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    THis country is so very sick. the responses by the few White twitters were so different than the mixture by the Blacks. We are a sad bunch. 28years lets see. i dont even have to begin we all know the deal. How many have murdered and gotten off with no time or time served and a year or 2. for taking a life. I am not thinking that he and any one does not need to be held accountable but in this country there so much imbalance it is freaking sad. A for sure sickness. racism…and we all fall down…..

  2. cupcakesugar on July 9, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    this was tacky on behalf of our courts , they let murderes out in 4 years , adrea yates murdered all 5 of her kids an now sits in a unsecured room at a mental home , why /? cause white gave mercy on her soul? come on son . white people will always pride themself on being the superior race no matter how many years this man in the pen when he get out nothing will have changed ..look how whites did hurrican carter 30 years in prison for a crime he didnt even do … they are trying their best to get one black man off the streets on bad conviction at a time . they dont care if its one in hundreds it a self indugent victory to a white man and woman to see a brother locked up for life . … its all about keeping them form white women thats what its all about ,if they know you date white women you get a lot more time . too .
    crack dealors get 50% more time than meth sellers …. sheriff maddox son up there in jasper sabine tx , the sheriff that killed alfred wright and the feds now have the case , that sheriff son sold meth ,been locked up and let out … to still own one of the biggest meth house in sabine county texas .. but you dont see them giving him 28 years ,, he and his daddy killed alfred wright and now cover it up …. wright was black and know to date white girls and those red necks up there was not having it …. so they killed him cutt off his tougue,, and penis torchered him , and hide the body in the woods , and sheriff maddox refuse to search the rea that he knew the body was go to YOU TUBE .. AND PUT IN ALFRED WRIGHT … MURDER

  3. lonnie keys on October 29, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    i believe he would have been a contender for the white house but would have lost due to some of his agenda he thought no one was aware of ., white collar crime was made for white folks , a black man need good advisors around him , some how he got tangled in his own trapp , he got greedy and started doing thing against his mothers wishes , raised priveleged he wanted for nothing and just like white kids are privelege and go out and shoot up a school or mall , same thing goes for black men and women whom end up doing treachous stuff and ending up in the grave or the jail house .. i wonder if kilpatrick beats hisself up in prison over what he could have done differently he is a smart man ,and a great example to youth who read about him .
    graduated from college , got married and was still seeing call girls , but he aint the only one doing that , i really dont think a man should get this kind of time for what he did , the lesson for him was to stripp him of all political powers…. but what would he do to make a living .. he would have been so hurt … i hope they reduce this time for him he dont deserve to have all this happening . to him its to much on a human . to be punished for a few mistakes they should have given the man 5 years he would have straighted out fast ….