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Judge rules man legally dead although he remains alive


Donald Eugene Miller is alive and in perfect health; however, a judge in Ohio has ruled that he is legally dead. According to The Courier, Miller was married with a wife and kids before he disappeared in 1994.

His family lost contact with him and they eventually went through legal procedures to declare him deceased. But in 2005, Miller returned to Ohio and his parents told him that he was legally dead. Miller recently went to court to reverse the death ruling.

On Oct. 7, Miller revealed to the court that he left Ohio because he lost his job and became an alcoholic. However, his wife said that he disappeared to avoid child support payments, which accrued to $26,000. Miller is fighting to recover his Social Security payments, but his wife believes the money should be given to his kids.

Judge Allan Davis told Miller that there is a three-year limitation to reverse a death ruling and Miller had surpassed that date. As a result, Judge Davis ruled that Miller was still legally dead while looking him in the eye.

Miller will attempt to challenge the Social Security Administration with the hopes that they will honor his existence.