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Man spends $321,000 on strippers and is sued by strip club


James Jay Beckman has an addiction to strip clubs. According to MyFox Houston, Beckman spent more than $321,000 at one strip club in two months.

Beckman visited Privilege strip club 14 times in July and August of 2013. On average, he spent $25,000 on private lap dances in VIP rooms, bottles of champagne and food during each visit to the club.

When it was time to pay up, Beckman used his company’s credit card to foot the bill. The charges accrued beyond the credit card limit and caused the strip club owners to sue Beckman and his company, CIT.

The total amount came to $321,857.72. CIT is attempting to distance itself from Beckman and his actions and will likely sue him too. Beckman has yet to respond to the allegations.