Absolut Appletini mixed by Justin Moya at Six Feet Under Grant Park


Absolutely delicious and strong—that is how good my Absolut Appletini was at Six Feet Under, one of Atlanta’s pub & fish houses. Mixed by Justin Moya, 22-year-old, HYT (handsome young thang), he served me a sweet and strong ’tini topped with a cherry and a smile. Absolut has a variety of vodka flavors including Cilantro, Hibiskus and Peppar but my drink was mixed with Absolut Orient Apple and Justin splashed some Sour Apple Pucker and sweet and sour melon liqueur. My drink was strong enough to keep me content for the evening while I snacked on Fried Green Tomatoes and Calamari. Next time I visit this pub, I will feast their Sweet Mouse Toes (baked sweet peppers stuffed with shrimp, and wrapped in crispy bacon) and enjoy another Absolut  Appletini.


Bartender: Justin Moya

Resturant: Six Feet Under (Grant Park) 437 Memorial Drive S.E. Atlanta, GA 30312

Age: 22

Been mixing drinks for: One and half years

Favorite drink to make: Long Island Iced Tea

Favorite movie: Any Given Sunday

Favorite vacation spot: Cancun


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