Mulan revealed to be bisexual on ‘Once Upon A Time’

Mulan & Princess Aurora - Cover

LGBT characters have certainly been getting a lot more of the Hollywood spotlight over the past few years and Hollywood threw a major curve ball of progress this week when it was revealed that famous Disney Princess Mulan was made bisexual in the hit Disney-ABC fantasy series “Once Upon A Time.” During Sunday night’s episode, Mulan softly revealed her unrequited love for Princess Aurora. However, before getting a chance to confess her love to Aurora. Aurora confessed her own love and a major secret about her relationship with Prince Phillip, sadly, dashing any hopes of true love for Mulan. Ironically enough, last year Mulan fell in love with Prince Phillip. Well, Mulan may not have gotten the woman of her dreams but LGBT fans were ecstatic to have a dream girl like Mulan help to expand queer representation on TV. Check out some other famous fictional LGBT characters below. – nicholas robinson  

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