Nicki Minaj puts her bare breasts on display, again

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Nicki Minaj posts racy topless photo, again

Nicki Minaj is once again posting shameless photos on Instagram, this time of surgically enhanced breasts. The rapper, 30, took to the social network Thursday to entice fans with yet another photo of her bare chest.

“Should I add #Pasties to the Spring [Nicki Minaj] Collection????,” Minaj captioned the photo of her donning nothing but cheetah print pasties.

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Fans quickly reacted to the photo and mainly praised the rapper for her body.

“Damn!” wrote one fan.

“Sexy Nicki!” wrote another.

By contrast others are bashing the star for once again exposing herself to her over 2 million Instagram followers.

This is the second time Nicki has gone topless in recent months, in June she went completely topless and only covered her modesty with her hands.

 Check out more NSFW photos of Nicki Minaj’s bare breasts below. -danielle canada

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