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Real Estate » Evander Holyfield’s Atlanta mansion heads to auction

Evander Holyfield’s Atlanta mansion heads to auction

evander-holyfield-mansion-foreclosure-1Evander Holyfield’s 12 bedroom, 21 bathroom estate is heading for the steps of the courthouse. Bidders of the lavish mega mansion will start their bids at a whopping $2.5 million, but only if they can afford the $10,000 deposit.

Evander moved out of his former home back in July 2012 after losing it to foreclosure.  He reportedly owed over $14 million on the 54,000 square foot mega-mansion which was built in 1994, sits on 104 acres that includes a 350,000 gallon outdoor swimming pool, an indoor lap pool, a bowling alley, baseball field, and dinning room that seats up to 100 people.

Click here to see the former heavyweight champion’s custom built mansion.

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