Stephon Marbury pays ex-mistress $900K to keep quiet


According to TMZ, Stephon Marbury has paid over $900k in total to keep his ex-mistress, Thurayyah Mitchell silent on their affair everyone already knows about. Mitchell was once Marbury’s personal chef until he began having an affair with her in 2006.

Mitchell and Marbury signed a  legal agreement stating that she would keep quiet about the affair if he paid her $900,000. Marbury paid his ex-mistress close to the $600,000 but then decided to stop, however, since the agreement was legal and signed by both parties he had to come up with the remaining funds or face losing personal assets.

Stephon Marbury recently signed a three year deal with the Beijing Ducks. Stephon isn’t the only NBA player to be accused of having a mistress or two. Click here to see which other players have been caught up.

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