Chilli shares new details on relationships with Usher and Floyd Mayweather

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It’s been years since Chilli was romantically linked with Floyd Mayweather and even longer since she and her most famous ex, Usher, called it quits on their high-profile relationship. But with buzzing about the new TLC biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, Chilli has recently been digging into her past romances. She is now revealing new details about her relationships with those two men.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Chilli implied that, despite the rumors, Usher’s mega-selling album Confessions was not about her.

“We were together when he recorded that album,” Chilli revealed. “All of those songs on Confessions, that was about Jermaine Dupri’s situation. Usher was just singing it. People kind of bought into it, it was just the timing of our breakup when the album came out. So people assumed that album was about us, but it was not. ”

Chilli also implied that Usher never cheated on her and says that they broke up because the relationship had run its course.

“We broke up because I guess it was that time or whatever,” she added wistfully: “He was that real love for me.”

“In any relationship, even when it came to my relationship with Usher, when it was time to make a move, I had to do that,” she continued. “I don’t care how much my heart was hurting, sometimes you’re just supposed to be with people for a reason and it’s not always a lifetime. Even if you want it to be, it just doesn’t work out that way.”

“But I’ll always love him, forever, because he was my first adult love, a real love,” she added. “But we’re cool, we’re really cool. There are no hard feelings, nothing like that. It’s all good.”

Chilli also recently spoke with Bossip and opened up to the gossip site about her relationship with Floyd Mayweather, whom she claims, was just a friend.

“I am always going to be cool with Floyd. That’s my boy. I love him. He loves me. We did not have anything romantic going on.”

Chilli & Floyd Mayweather

“He never ever allowed anybody in his circle to assume that we slept together,” she further explained, joking that Mayweather denied he’d ever be a “P—- thief.”

Well, we’re glad that Chilli has still has a good relationship with both men. Check out some other fan-favorite couples that called it quits below. – nicholas robinson

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