Racist ‘Disco Africa’ Halloween party features blackface, shackles

Disco Africa

 Racist disco Africa blackface costumes 

After Caitlin Cimeno and her band of bigots dressed as a black face Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and ‘Robin in Da Hood,’ other examples of blatant racism went viral online. In particular a costume party called Disco Africa brought out the worst in Italian fashion insiders who turned a Halloween celebration into a disgustingly racist debacle.

Designer Allesandro Dell’Acqua and a gaggle of his friends came in full in blackface (above) like that of actors in minstrel shows while others painted their entire bodies brown and even donned shackles to look like African slaves.

Disco Africa

Disco Africa

When the xnophobes weren’t making a mockery of another race, they happily posed for pictures several of which were posted on Instagram and Zhanna Romashka of OnlyStylishPeople’s blog.

Ever since Disco Africa went viral, social media has been rightfully bashing attendees who proudly donned the offensive pigment. According to a few people however, maybe the Italians were completely “oblivious” to the offensive undertones of their “oh so sexy” and stylish costumes. Ignorance however, is no excuse, not when a working brain and some couth should be readily available.

 Check out more blackface photos from Italy’s imbecilic Disco Africa party below. -danielle canada 

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