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What Gabrielle Union learned from ‘Scandal’ audition rejection

gabrielleGabrielle Union is preparing for season two of BET’s original series “Being Mary Jane.” The actress has appeared on Essence magazines’s December issue entitled “Being Gabrielle.”

Union, 41, opened up on an array of topics including the lessons she’s learned from being rejected and how Shonda Rhimes empowered her during her audition for “Scandal.”

“Going in for ‘Scandal,’ Shonda [Rhimes] empowered every Black woman who came through her door,” she admitted. “Even if I don’t get the next job, or the next five jobs, I don’t want to be treated less than how Shonda treated me.”

“I was one of the last five or ten to audition…when Kerry got it, I congratulated her. Now after each episode, I’m leading the charge, like Gladiators, stand up! I’m obsessed with the show…”


  1. bookworm on November 4, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    HaHa.The best woman won.Empowered indeed.Shonda Rimes just has class and knew how to let you down nicely.Ive met ms.union on several ocassions.Snooty as they come.Karmas a bitch just like her.A true matching set.

  2. Honesty on May 14, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    that she cant act union i mean she cant act