Roosevelt Boles looks to become the ‘Voice of McDonald’s’


The ‘Voice of McDonald’s’ is just incredible, for me it has been a life changing experience the good thing that I like about it is that it allows employees to share their personal life as well as their professional life” says Roosevelt Boles about the worldwide contest to discover, recognize and reward the most talented singers among the more than 1.8 million employees working in McDonald’s restaurants.

I was one of the contestants that entered and didn’t expect anything. My best friend and I were sitting in my house sitting and talking and he was like I think you should do it, and I said go for it. So we took the phone out and actually put it on video and believe it or not about four or five months later we got the call saying that I was in the top 25 so still I can’t believe it. I am still pinching myself constantly some how I made it,” he said.

On how Boles likes working for McDonald’s …

“McDonald’s has been a 17-year relationship for me, and in relationships you get that fuzzy feeling of butterflies in your stomach. Everyday for 17 years I’ve had that butterfly feeling in my stomach and it has just been on of the life lines for me in my life. It has not only been able to let McDonald’s give back, it also allowed me to give back. Being able to share with employees I have been their father, I have been their friend, I have been their enemy, I have been their boss. But the key for me is giving into their lives letting them grow and develop and sharing that opportunity. Some of them are in the place where this is it, and they just need somebody to motivate them and I’m able to do that on a day in and day out basis. Again I have just enjoyed the 17 years of being an employee here.” To vote go to –necorey johnson

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