‘Love & Hip Hop’ episode 2 best moments

Peter Stops Adina From Partying With Tara

Peter keeps Amina hidden

Yandy throws K. Michelle a “welcome to New York” party and invites all of the ladies before Rich tells her about Peter and Amina’s secret marriage. Both Amina and Tara plan on going and Amina is more than ready to spill the marriage beans to Tara. Peter fails to stop Tara from making it in the party, but he shows up just in time to catch Amina before she makes it in and he refuses to let her enter. Amina begins crying when she learns that she can’t go to the party because of Tara and questions how many times Peter is going to put off telling the truth to the world. As always, Peter promises “tomorrow,” but Amina’s getting ready to turn “tomorrow” into “right now.”

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