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Erica Mena threatens to kill off K. Michelle?

Erica Mena & K. Michelle - 2nd Cover

Erica Mena and K. Michelle made it clear before the new season of “Love & Hip Hop” even began that they just couldn’t get along. For months now, the two have been embroiled in on-and-off Twitter spats over K. Michelle’s recent move to the series. Now, Mena is opening up about her disdain for her new cast mate and taking the beef to new, verbal heights.

“I haven’t really had the pleasure of going face-to-face with her,” Mena told “She has a lot to say about me, but she’s scared to shoot with me.”

As she’s previously said, Mena told the site that the problem is K. Michelle’s ego, claiming that the Rebellious Soul singer, who is set to get her own reality show after her stint on “LHHNY,” believes she’s above everyone else.

“She’s coming from out of nowhere. Now, all of a sudden she has some harsh opinions about me, and she doesn’t even know me…Right now, she’s just feelin’ her own $h!t,” said Mena.

The “LHHNY” veteran then warned that K. Michelle has finally met her match, but if they ever came to blows, K. Michelle will find herself in battle that she may not walk away from alive.

“Anyone who’s gotten in a fight with me doesn’t last. I’m starting to feel like I have these secret powers where I get to kill people off one by one,” she said.

Well, that’s certainly a harsh and somewhat extreme claim from Mena, but then again, considering her reality TV history, extreme seems to be her calling card. Hopefully, the two ladies will never come to blows, like these other scrapping reality TV stars that we’ve listed below. Check them out after the cut. – nicholas robinson


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