Lil Mo’s warning to Nicci Gilbert: ‘Don’t mention me’

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When it comes to the “R&B Divas” franchise, Lil Mo has only had problems with her fellow cast mates, Dawn Robinson and her show’s villain, Kelly Price. Now it seems that Mo has beef with the Atlanta franchise’s resident villain, Nicci Gilbert, as well and she’s warning Gilbert to keep her name out of her mouth.

The drama all began during a recent interview between Gilbert and Sister 2 Sister in which Gilbert spoke ill of Mo.

“I explained everything to [media coach Dyana Williams] because originally she thought I’m like Lil Mo or Syleena [Johnson] and just flips out and says whatever the hell I wanna say,” said Gilbert.

Well, when Mo got wind of Gilbert’s words about her she of course wasn’t happy and she gave her own interview with Sister 2 Sister in which she blasted Gilbert, saying that the Gilbert doesn’t know her well enough to say anything about her.

“I’ve seen Nicci Gilbert twice in my life…I don’t know her,” Mo said. “I just don’t do and say whatever. Chances are if I’mma say something it’s because I was asked or provoked.”

Mo then sent out a warning to Gilbert and claimed that she would definitely confront her about her comments.

“When she tried to put my integrity in question, that’s a discussion. We gonna have to sit down and talk about it. Don’t mention my name,” said Mo.

Mo then questioned why Gilbert, who is an executive for “R&B Divas,” would comment negatively on a cast member.

“You don’t cut my check. All the years that I’ve been in this industry, I’ve never seen no executive talk about any of their staff in an interview,” she said. What kind of executive does that? Unacceptable.”

Well, considering that Gilbert is, as Johnson once put it, the common denominator, in so many “R&B Divas” beefs, we’re inclined to say Mo has a point. Unfortunately, they’re not alone. Check out some other reality TV beefs below. – nicholas robinson


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