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Samuel L. Jackson to play gay character in Stephen King film

Samuel L. Jackson - Django Cover

Samuel L Jackson has played nearly every kind of character under the sun during the decades of his career – and donned nearly every kind of crazy wig during the process. Now the acting legend is taking his chameleon skills with him into uncharted territory as he plays his first gay character in an upcoming Stephen King flick.

According to Variety, Jackson is set to star alongside John Cusack in the film adaptation of King’s 2006 novel Cell. In the film, Jackson will play Tom McCourt, a middle-aged gay engineer and former soldier who, with the rest of his cast, tries to flee Boston after a malevolent phone signal that is broadcast across cell phones worldwide turns people into bloodthirsty monsters.

Cusack will play Clay Riddell, a Boston artist who is trying to reunite with his son and escapes with McCourt.

Jackson and Cusack previously starred together in another King film, 1408, about a man trapped in a haunted hotel room.  Cell will be directed by Paranormal Activity 2, filmmaker Todd Williams.

Although this will be Jackson’s first gay role, it will not be his first time being associated with the LGBT community. Back in 2009, he was one of many actors who were vocal about the passing of California’s Prop 8, which banned same-sex couples from legally marrying.

We are glad that Jackson seems to have such an open mind on and off the camera and we’re interested to see how the movie turns out. Until then, check out some other actors who have played LGBT below. – nicholas robinson

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1 Comment

  1. Notya Biznes on November 7, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Cell is such a good book!! And it’s so creepy! If you think about the way EVERYONE has a cell phone, this book might make you want to put it down for a bit!

    IDC about the gay part. Somebody’s gotta play it, just glad to have another SK movie!