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Turk claims that Lil Wayne, Birdman haven’t been supportive (video)


Former Hot Boy and Cash Money Records rapper Turk is done playing nice.

The New Orleans native recently lost his father, and in a video posted online, Turk is venting about the lack of support he’s received from many of his former labelmates. Calling out Cash Money founders Baby and Slim Williams, as well as his former Hot Boys bandmate Lil Wayne, Turk blasts everyone for not showing him any love in the wake of the loss.

“I just want to make this real quick,” Turk said in the video. “Baby, Slim, Wayne, Mannie Fresh, all you n—as who claim y’all my homeboys, claim y’all f— with me, you know what I’m saying? I’ve been reaching out to y’all n—as and ain’t nobody respond. My daddy got killed, y’all look at the news, y’all see what’s going on — I just want y’all to know it ain’t no love lost. I’m still gonna be real. I can’t make a n—a be real but it is what it is. Y’all showed me on too many occasions but right now this the last straw. It’s all good — y’all keep doing what y’all doing, I’ma do what I do. Me and my family gonna get through this together with my fans. I appreciate everybody that is there for me and whoever not, who say they gonna be, it is what it is. Time reveal every man. I learned that throughout the years and that’s what I’m still surviving.”

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