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Is Will Smith cheating on Jada with this woman?

Will Smith - Drug Scandal Cover

For years, rumors have claimed that longtime Hollywood couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are either sleeping with other people (due to an open relationship) or on the brink of divorce. Although the couple has always disproved and outlasted the rumors, recently the breakup allegations have skyrocketed as the couple has been noticeably apart and Jada has stopped wearing her wedding ring. Now, reports claim that the couple is really on the rocks as photos show Will getting cozy with a younger woman.

According to Star magazine, via RadarOnline, Will and his Focus co-star, Margot Robbie, were at a party in New Orleans last month when he and Robbie took salacious pics together in a photo booth with both of them lifting their shirts as Will pressed his bare chest against her.


“He wasn’t acting like a married man; he gave no signs that he was in a committed relationship,” an eyewitness told the magazine. “What kind of married man would go into a photo booth with a sexy 23-year-old girl and start to undress?”

Will previously claimed that he and Robbie had natural chemistry together and the eyewitness claims that that chemistry hit unexpected heights when they hit the photo booth together.

“Once they pulled the curtain back to take the pictures, they let their inhibitions run wild, laughing, hugging and nuzzling each other in the dark,” the eyewitness said.

“Margot directed Will before each pose. First she ordered him to act like a gangster. Then she covered her face with a masquerade mask and leaned into his chest. Next, she asked Will to take a sexy picture with her, as she pulled up her shirt and exposed her lingerie for Will and the camera,” the eyewitness continued.

“They were hanging all over each other, laughing like they were a new couple in love,” the source explained. “Will had just gotten done working for the day, so he definitely wasn’t intoxicated in any way — he knew what he was doing.”

The eyewitness claims that Will’s assistant quickly came to confiscate the photos afterward, but clearly they leaked out anyway. But the source claims that Will and Robbie were too busy with each other to worry about the photos.

“Will and Margot never showed up back on set or attended the night’s festivities with the rest of the crew,” the insider revealed. “After they left the party, they were gone all night.”

Well, considering the Smiths’ idea of freedom in their relationship, these photos could be considered tame. But then again, taking a near-topless photo with another woman is definitely grounds for questioning.

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