Pebbles’ daughter issues statement about violence toward Chilli

ashley chilli

Do we have a truce between the warring factions, Ashley Reid and TLC’s Chilli?

Well, not exactly.

Ashley Reid, the daughter of former multiplatinum singer and TLC manager, Perri “Pebbles” Reid, attempted to clarify — or backtrack, depending on your perspective — her previous inflammatory and shocking statements about being anxious to catch TLC’s Chilli in public so that she could beat Chilli’s “face into the concrete” — and much more salaciously, that Chilli performed fellatio on her father, music mogul L.A. Reid, while he was still married to Pebbles.

The two sides began volleying vicious statements back and forth after TLC’s movie, “CrazySexyCool,” premiered near the end of October, ripping open old scars that were first created during TLC’s record-breaking run in pop music in the 1990s.

In countering the portrayal of her mother as a ruthless pimp, Ashley Reid went volcanic on TLC — and Chilli in particular — during her recent weekly radio show, “Reid All About It,” in which Reid basically accused Chilli of being a prolific industry whore, which incited more controversy and backlash from the public.

Today, Ashley Reid sought to provide justification through her publicist, Imaging Success Group, as to why she went after TLC and Chilli with such venom and rage. This is what she had to say:

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