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Entertainment » Draya Michele involved in brawl on ‘Basketball Wives L.A.’

Draya Michele involved in brawl on ‘Basketball Wives L.A.’

Basketball Wives LA 2011“Basketball Wives LA” star Draya Michele is only going to let you talk about her man, Dallas Cowboys’ reserve Orlando Sandrick, for so long before she goes flatline on you — as Sunny Carter recently found out.

In fact, Michele has just about had it up to here with the popular reality show because of the constant heat she takes for the decisions she has made.

As for her boyfriend, the heat discussion about his alleged cheating ways led to a brawl at a Los Angeles nightclub, leaving one of the women with a black eye, according to

The fight broke out after co-star Sunny Carter jaw-jacked Draya’s new boyfriend Dallas Cowboys star Orlando Scandrick — and Draya snapped.

The woman had to be physically pulled apart, and Sunny walked away with a black eye.

We’re told the trash talking has been a huge issue the last few weeks, with cast members maligning Scandrick, basically calling him a philandering scumbag … among other things .. and Draya simply reached a breaking point.

Draya decided not to go on the cast trip to Paris last week, where they were supposed to film the finale, but there’s no word whether the fight or the talk about Sandrick was the reason behind it.