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From New Edition to En Vogue: 5 R&B biopics we’d love to see


#1 Whitney Houston

Remarkable talent. Staggering rise to fame. Tragic fall from grace. Whitney Houston’s story has it all. She was the pretty girl from New Jersey with the unbelievable voice; and she became one of the 1980s biggest pop stars. She would go on to marry the controversial Bobby Brown, and throughout the 1990s, their marriage provided an endless stream of tabloid headlines. Rumors of her drug abuse became rampant well into the 2000s, as her recording and acting careers ground to a halt and her issues became fodder for late night host’s monologues. It all came crashing down in early 2011, when Houston was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel bathtub. The only factor that would keep this brilliantly tragic film from being made is that it’s probably still way too soon to revisit the painful story.

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