Meet George Zimmerman’s ‘pregnant’ girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe


Samantha Scheibe

Samantha Scheibe has been identified as the woman who’s currently dating the so-called “most hated man in America.” Scheibe is a 27-year-old Florida woman who has known George Zimmerman for over 12 years. According to Scheibe whose been quietly attempting to schedule an interview to dish on her ties to the acquitted killer, a fight broke out between them Monday for undisclosed reasons. Zimmerman allegedly broke a pair of the woman’s sunglasses during the argument. He then picked up a two-barrel shotgun and “put it in her face” according to Scheibe, before breaking a glass coffee table with the weapon. The fight climaxed when Zimmerman pushed Scheibe out of her own home and barricaded the door with pieces of her furniture, reports Scheibe.

At one point she was also thought to be pregnant. When authorities arrived on the scene, Zimmerman told them that Scheibe was pregnant with his baby. Police have since refuted those claims and state that the defunct watchman was lying which he has clearly been known to do.

Dubbed by media outlets as a “blonde babe”, check out just a few facts about Samantha Scheibe, the woman who dares to date George Zimmerman below.

-danielle canada

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