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Deb Antney fires back at Gucci Mane after he sues her and Waka Flocka

Deb Antney & Gucci Mane - Cover

Yesterday, Gucci Mane made headlines when he filed a lawsuit against Waka Flocka Flame and his mother, Deb Antney, claiming that the two of them robbed him of his fortune and ruined his career while Antney was his manager and CFO of his 1017 Brick Squad label. Surprisingly, Waka hasn’t made a public statement yet, but Antney recently spoke to RumorFix about the lawsuit and asserted that Gucci ruined his own career.

“I’m so speechless,” Antney said. “It’s so crazy. Waka wasn’t even rapping in 2006. … Drugs, greed and women ruined him. That’s it. Don’t blame that s— on me.”

In his lawsuit, Gucci is suing Waka and Antney for suing for fraud, racketeering, and conspiracy, claiming that the two collected royalties without his permission and that Antney took more than the typical 20 percent manager’s fee.

However, Antney doesn’t seem to worried about Gucci’s lawsuit. Actually, she just seemed to pity him.

“Bless his heart — somebody call Dr. Phil for him!” Antney said.


Well, Waka certainly isn’t the only one to have his career ruined by sex, drugs and, well, hip-hop. Check out some other celebs who lost it all after the cut. –nicholas robinson


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