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Chief Keef ordered to pay $21k in back child support to underage baby mama


After being sued for back child support at the beginning of the year, Chief Keef has now been ordered to put his man pants on and pay up. According to recent reports, the 17-year-old rapper put together just enough of the $21k he owes his underage baby mother to avoid another arrest.

TMZ also reports that “on Oct. 21, the judge in Cook County, Ill., made Keef an offer he couldn’t refuse — cut a check for $11k to your baby mama and you won’t go to jail.”

Keef made the wise decision to fork over the cash, leaving him in the safe zone … for now! Keef is due back in court on Dec. 10 to face charges for avoiding mandatory child support hearings earlier this year. If the judge finds Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, in contempt, he could land back in jail.

The “I Don’t Like” rapper fathered a daughter with a Chicago middle school student in 2011. Stay tuned.

–ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie