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Dr. Dre responds to allegations that he cheated with video model


Dr. Dre is denying rumors that he cheated on his wife with a voluptuous video vixen–and his legal team is taking action to make sure the rumors don’t get any more attention. TMZ reports that the hitmaking superproducer’s lawyers have issued a cease and desist order to TheDirty, a blog that posted articles claiming that Dre was planning to live his wife for model Kili Anderson.

It has been implied that Dre has been having an affair with Anderson and funding her lifestyle–including paying for a Bentley that she drives and helping her launch her own business.

Photos of a house that Dre and Anderson supposedly share and a diamond ring that he is alleged to have given her have been making the rounds online, as well. But Dre’s team says the stories are completely bogus; and they are ordering that the posts be removed immediately and an official retraction be published.

Dr. Dre has been married to Nicole Threatt since 1996 and they have two children together. His name was in the headlines earlier this year after his ex-girlfriend, R&B singer Michel’e, revealed that Dre had abused her extensively during their time together. Dre never publicly addressed or denied her statements.

In addition to her work in music videos, Kili Anderson has also appeared in small parts on TV shows such as HBO’s Entourage, FOX’s The OC, and the WB’s One-on-One.