• Notme

    very sad, hate to see young girls fighting, for what reason

  • Silver

    This is normal for African American females. Ask Tommy Sotomayor.

    • WiserWords2

      It is not normal. Who the heck is Tommy Sotomayor? Is he related to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor?

      • Silver

        A guy on YouTube who posts stuff about the African American community.

  • girrllll

    Sharkiesha is grown, sad to say. She’s 22.

  • Terry c. Beso

    has sharkeisha been to a kung fu training school? she was aggressive though stupid.

  • jules

    That poor girl. This was not a case of a couple of girls fighting. The victim had no clue she was going to be brutally attacked, and no chance to defend herself. I hope Sharkeisha goes to jail. Anyone else wondering if this girl has so much anger in her because of what her parents did to her at birth? Or maybe the parents are celebrities??

    • WiserWords2

      I hope she goes to jail as well. I would say she probably grew up in a home where issues are solved with violence.

  • me

    that wasnt fair at all. she suckerpunched that girl.

  • Dee

    with a name like sharkeisha she has been destined to be nothing more than a stereotype. in a few years (well if shes already in high school, probably by next year) shell be at the welfare office with a child. it always bugs me to see people trying to act “hard” and doing nothing more than perpetuating stereotypes SMH

    • WiserWords2

      Ac6ually, the majority of people on welfare have names like Mary Sue and Brittney.

  • tamea

    lol I feel bad for her

  • EricndLisa Gandy

    Her little fat sucker punching black ass needs to get the shit stomped out of her!