Smart black mom warns son to not sleep with a girl without a ‘yes’ text

roxanne jones

“Watch out for the stupid girls,” I tell my son. “They are trouble.”

Journalist Roxanne Jones is not playing the radio with her son or any hot in the pants young lady who desires to have sex with him without the institution of marriage. In a recent column for CNN, the founding editor of ESPN The Magazine wrote a piece that have received both praise and outrage. She writes that she sent him off to college with a “duffel bag full 300 condoms” and a letter that talk about the girls the artist Pink references in her song, “Stupid Girls,” a social critique of women who choose sex appeal over ambition.

She then quotes statistics about victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape – each year about 97,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 are victims – citing the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, before telling him to “have fun; meet new people but stay focused on academics.”

She then writes, “Never have sex with a girl unless she’s sent you a text that proves the sexual relationship is consensual beforehand. And it’s a good idea to even follow up any sexual encounter with a tasteful text message saying how you both enjoyed being with one another – even if you never plan on hooking up again.”

What are your thoughts?

Yvette Caslin
Yvette Caslin

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