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Music » Ashanti blasts Irv Gotti: ‘It’s time to set the record straight’

Ashanti blasts Irv Gotti: ‘It’s time to set the record straight’


R&B star Ashanti is speaking out about her relationship with her former mentor and Murder, Inc. labelhead, Irv Gotti.

During an interview with Hot 97s Angie Martinez, Ashanti addressed what she felt was “one-sided” commentary from Gotti regarding her relationship with–and subsequent departure from–the label that made her famous.

“Me and Irv, we are, um, there’s no beef,” Ashanti explained during the interview. “There’s definitely no beef but, for me, again, just me talking about my movement and being brave and kind of just revealing a little bit more of myself at this point in my career, I feel like Irv kinda paints a picture of ‘what happened’ with me and Murder Inc., very one-sided. I hear him talk a lot about, ‘She’s disloyal,’ and ‘Oh, she didn’t throw up the M’s and she didn’t do this and that.’ And I feel it’s time to kinda set the record straight on what it really is.”

“I’m a Libra, I’m a very loyal person,” Ashanti added. “Anybody with any sense of logic could see that I rode out. I rode until the wheels fell off. [laughs] You know what I mean? I went to the trial, I was there, I was filming in Vancouver and in my contract, I wasn’t ever supposed to leave Canada. I came to the court, to the trial, three or four times when I was not supposed to. I was contractually doing what I was supposed to not be doing, paying those round trip tickets to come and support and it’s crazy because me and Irv weren’t even speaking. Like, we weren’t even speaking at all.”


  1. Sherri Etienne on December 3, 2013 at 9:56 am

    Uhhh, Libra and Loyal really don’t go hand and hand Ashanti… Maybe it’s different for girls though.