Sharkeisha fight: 5 facts about the brutal beating


Sharkeisha facts

It’s been just a few days since a video of a bully sucker punching a classmate went viral and the Internet is still on fire for a girl named Sharkeisha. As previously reported a video surfaced last week of a teen identified as Sharkeisha catching a girl off guard now identified as 17-year-0ld Sha’Michael Manuel. After punching Manuel in the face Sharkeisha continues to brutally beat and kick the girl before being pulled off by friends who taped the ordeal for

Sharkeisha became a hot search on google and the subject of Internet memes. It also left viewers divided with some finding humor in the shocking video and others demanding that police take action against the teen bully.

And while details are still skimpy on the situation, there are some facts about the latest internet hot topic we can confirm.

Below are five Sharkeisha facts. -danielle canada

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