Sneak peek: ‘Out of the Furnace’


Out of the Furnace is an action thriller produced by Leonardo DiCaprio that stars Christian Bale and Casey Affleck as a pair of close-knit brothers who are put to the ultimate test.

Russell Baze (Bale) and his younger brother Rodney Jr. (Affleck) live in the economically depressed Rust Belt, and have always dreamed of leaving and a making a better life for themselves. But when a cruel twist of fate lands Russell in prison, his brother is forced into one of the most violent and ruthless crime rings in the Northeast — a mistake that will nearly cost him everything. Upon being freed from prison, Russell has to choose between securing his own freedom, or risking it all to seek justice for his brother.

Rounding out the ensemble cast are Woody Harrelson, Zoe Saldana, Forest Whitaker, Willam Dafoe, and Sam Shepard.

Out of the Furnace is in theaters nationwide of Dec. 6.

TJ Armour
TJ Armour

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