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Reality TV » Erica Mena thinks K. Michelle is insecure and afraid of her

Erica Mena thinks K. Michelle is insecure and afraid of her

Erica Mena & K. Michelle - 3rd Cover

On this season of “Love & Hip Hop,” Erica Mena has kept her on-screen beefs between her and messy businessman Peter Gunz and rival aspiring artist Nya Lee. But off camera, Mena has been waging a dirty online war with new “LHH” cast mate K. Michelle. And although things have been quiet between the two for the last few weeks, Mena recently reignited the feud when she claimed that K. Michelle is insecure and afraid of her.

“That’s another insecure female. It’s sad because I have never met K. Michelle. We have similar backgrounds with domestic violence,” Mena told, claiming that K.Michelle actually saw her as competition. “She got kicked out of Atlanta so she decided to come to New York and I think she knew instantly that I was the one who held authority on the show and she just needed some ammunition.”

“At least she knows that in New York there’s no Southern hospitality and instead of shaking tables we stomp people out, so she’s pretty smart,” she added.

Mena went on to say that she’s not sure why K. Michelle allegedly has a problem with her, but she is sure that K. Michelle is afraid of her.

“She’s scared to shoot with me so I don’t really know whether issue is. I would love to ask her but she’s too scared to shoot,” Erica said. “Maybe at the reunion she’ll have the guts to come and show face. So far she has been too scared to even show up to the premiere party.”

Well, we doubt that fear comes to K. Michelle’s mind when she thinks of Mena, but we definitely fear what it would look like if these two ever ended up in room without security for more than two seconds. Hopefully, their beef won’t go too far like these other reality TV fights below. –nicholas robinson


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