Beyoncé shares photos from her 22 days vegan challenge


Beyoncé’s vegan challenge 

Beyoncé is giving fans a glimpse at the healthy meals she’s been eating as part of her 22 days vegan challenge. As previously reported, Baddie Bey is trading in Porterhouse steaks and hearty hamburgers for organic, vegan and gluten-free foods. Jay Z enlisted his wife in the challenge alongside him as a cleanse for their bodies and spirits.

Now engrossed in the challenge that ends on Christmas, Bey is posting pictures of her meat free meals including a shot of succulent nachos topped with tomatoes, green onions and what appears to be vegan sour cream, as well as a tofu and vegan cheese topped salad.

Earlier this week, paparazzi spotted Beyoncé noshing on kale salad, Indian curried lentils and corn tacos with chipotle butternut squash at California’s Native Foods.

She was later scolded for donning a fur-lined jacket while doing so, a big no-no amongst vegans who abstain from the use of animal products for any reason.

Check out more photos from Beyoncé’s vegan challenge so far below. -danielle canada

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