New gadget alert: Typo iPhone keyboard case


There’s something new brewing in the world of iPhones and it’s not an Apple product … yet.

For all those who love their iPhones but would love to have the QWERTY keyboard such as the Blackberry, your dreams may soon be a reality.

The Typo Keyboard Case is hoping to be the answer to all those who love the iPhone but still feel to have a need for a keyboard.

Entertainment personality Ryan Seacrest is listed as one of the founders and key backers for the product according to tech site, All Things D. Seacrest has reportedly invested $1 million into the case which is set to debut in January 2014 at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The former American Idol host who is often seen and admitted that he has long carried two phones — an iPhone and a BlackBerry simply for its physical QWERTY keyboard, is obviously ready to ditch his Blackberry which isn’t surprising since Blackberry has fallen to the bottom of the barrel compared to all other smartphones.


This isn’t the first attempt of someone trying to add a keyboard to the iPhone, BoxWave and Dobi have all tried to merge a QWERTY keyboard to the iPhone, however, the use of Bluetooth was frustrating and the keyboards themselves were slow and added a lot of weight  to the phone.

The $99 Typo Keyboard case will work with an iPhone 5 and 5s. Similar to a Mophie Case for the iPhone, you slide two parts of the keyboard-equipped case onto the phone. You then power on the case and connect it via Bluetooth to the iPhone. The keyboard looks very similar to the keyboard on the BlackBerry Q10. The case does conceal the iPhone’s home button but a button to the right of the keyboard replaces the function.

It is available now for pre-order and will ship in January.

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