Jay Z may be sued for ‘Big Pimpin” sample

big pimpin

Jay Z, in addition to producer Timbaland, Warner Music, EMI, and even MTV and Paramount Pictures, may face a copyright infringement lawsuit in relation to Jay Z’s 2000 hit single “Big Pimpin.”

Originally, all indications pointed to the statute of limitations running out in 2006 on the previous claim by the family of Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdy over the use of his song “Khosara Khosara.”

With the licensing deal between EMI and the Egyptain company Sout El Phan ending in 2006, it appeared that the Hamdy family had no grounds in which to base their claim. However, a judge has ruled that since the song has been used numerous times during live performances, on television, and in movies after 2006, the family may proceed with their lawsuit to determine if the defendants infringed on the copyright of the Hamdy song.

Said U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder:

The Court finds plaintiff’s argument persuasive, and concludes that plaintiff should be permitted to conduct discovery as to what defendants knew during the post-expiration period. Further discovery is appropriate because plaintiff need only show that defendants knew that they were infringing some copyright in “Khosara Khosara” in order to defeat laches; plaintiff need not show that defendants were aware that they were infringing plaintiff’s copyright.

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