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Trey Songz to participate in holiday toy drive with Chicago’s Harold ‘Noonie’ Ward


Crooner Trey Songz has joined forces with Chicago activist Harold “Noonie” Ward to put together the “Christmas In The Hood” annual toy drive.

The pair have plans of giving away upwards of 5,000 toys to underprivileged kids in the Chicago area during the event, which is scheduled to take place Dec. 21 at the Chicago Youth Center.

Members of the Chicago Bulls, as well as various other celebrities are scheduled to attend the event.

Ward says his partnership with Songz began after the two were witness to a particularly chilling incident while Songz was visiting Chicago: “He was in town when we saw some bs together where some kids got hurt,” said Ward. “He said ‘Lets do something to help this these kids’, so we both said at the same time ‘let’s do a foundation together.”

And thus the Songz 4 Peace Foundation was born.

Any potential sponsors that would like to donate toys have until Dec. 18 to contribute.

For more information, see the flyer below.