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Celebrity fitness trainer Nicole Chaplin to release new book

Nicole Chaplin celebrity fitness trainer

Celebrity fitness trainer, model and author Nicole Chaplin is set to release her new book, YES MAM! Your Muscle as a Motivator! Chaplin has been featured on “Good Morning America,” VH1 and Heart & Soul Magazine. Part of what motivates Chaplin is “the reaction people have once they begin to feel better” she is not only a facilitator, she is a motivator. In her new book she teaches readers how to burn calories, juice, and she gives details on full body routines that can be done anywhere. Chaplin gets readers ready for the New Year using fitness trends like BOSU ballsTRX and Battle Ropes.

 What’s the first step for someone who is looking to start the journey toward a healthier life?

The first step is listing out your goals, know what you are trying to achieve, and then you can monitor where you are going along your journey.

Describe goal setting methods you use and how you evaluate your success.

In my book, YES MAM, Your Muscle as a Motivator, I discuss this in-depth as well. I list out short-term and long-term goals, then break down the steps that need to be taken to achieve them both. After I do that, I give myself a timeline of how long it should take to accomplish the steps so the goal will be completed.

The way I evaluate my success is on a quarterly basis. I do a review every three months with my mom. We brainstorm on how I can do better if I fall short of my goals and then make adjustments to the steps if need be in order to see more success by the next quarter.

Do you have tips for women with busy schedules on how to incorporate at least 30 minutes of physical activity into their lives?

For women with busy schedules I suggest trying their best to do a brief workout before starting their day. It can be three sets of full body calisthenics. Then little things like parking farther away from the store [and] using the parking lot as a treadmill will increase the amount of calories burned a day. Simple things like this [can] incorporate physical activity into their lives without having to step foot in a gym.

What’s next for Nicole Chaplin?

Nicole Chaplin will be on TV with her own show and have a family. That’s what I see in my future and those are two arenas I look forward to entering.

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