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Coodie & Chike: The talented duo creating iconic videos

coodie6302010Name: Coodie & Chike

The Business: Music Video/Film Directors

Industry: Entertainment

Twitter: @CreativeCntrl

Every creative dreams of having control over his content and production. Power producers Coodie and Chike are proof that you can turn your dream into reality. The talented duo came on the scene in 2003 with Kanye West’s “Through the Wire” video and went on to launch their online platform Creative Control, a place where viewers can tune in to engaging video content and original films.

They were quoted saying: “You have to make the opportunity. There’s this thing called luck, but you can’t wait. There is so much talent out there right now. It’s a prime time to really work with someone up and coming. It’s a renaissance right now.”

Who they’ve worked with: Visionaries such as Kanye West, Erykah Badu, and Lupe Fiasco