Evelyn Lozada says she blocked Chad Johnson on Twitter

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Evelyn Lozada blocks Chad Johnson online

Although Chad Johnson has been proudly proclaiming that he bought an expensive baby gift for his ex Evelyn Lozada it might mysteriously get lost in the mail. Lozada recently revealed to Nina Parker of OMG Insider! that she’s had no contact with her former football playing ex, in part because she’s blocked him on social media.

“I didn’t wanna do the reunion, I don’t wanna talk about my relationship. We’re both trying to move on,” said Lozada about Johnson. “I’m sure his family [is trying to move on].

“It seems like he keeps up with you on social media,” remarked Parker hinting at Johnson’s numerous comments about Lozada on Twitter.

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“It is hard to ignore [him] when you’re on Twitter but thank god for the “block” button” and the “mute” [button],” said Lozada. “I decided not to do the reunion and after that is when I  found out that I was pregnant,” she added.

Evelyn Lozada’s interview with Nina Parker of OMG! Insider airs tonight.

Check out Lozada dishing on blocking Chad Johnson below. –danielle canada

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