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Fantasia’s ex, Antwaun Cook, brags about sleeping with her, calls Rickey Smiley a gay hater

Antwaun-Cook-familyFantasia’s former jump-off and baby’s daddy, Antwaun Cook, the man who left his wife to frolic with the “American Idol” winner, went off on a profanity-laced tirade at funnyman Rickey Smiley where he accused him of being jealous, a closeted homosexual and a “paper” member of Omega Psi Phi for disparaging Cook. He also boasted about sleeping with Fantasia.

Cook, as you recall, posted that he got back with his wife on Instagram. Classic.

But today, Cook spewed invectives by firing shots at Atlanta-based radio personality, comedian and actor Rickey Smiley for talking about his situation and called Smiley a “paper Que.”

Smiley has yet to respond publicly, and Cook has since deleted the IG rant, but this is what Cook had to say:

“Heard @RickeySmiley used the term ‘Queen’ to describe me. I’m living my life taking care of my kids and responsibilities and trying to get over the death of my dad and you talking about s— you know nothing about. Let me tell the public about Rickey though, Rickey are you mad Fantasia who you claim to be your friend never gave you the play you wanted? Are you mad I had ya girl? Are you mad that I’m a confident #KappaMan and you had to move to downlow Atlanta and get a paper certificate into Omega Psi Phi to cover up your inner Queen? Pillow talk is a b—, you running to defend someone you ain’t never had a think [sic] for. You calling me a Queen, I’m far from a Queen, ask about me Lil man. Matter of fact I wish I was in your presence so I could lay hands on you like some of those old lades [sic] you talk about should have rebuked that Queen out of you. Get it out man, keep holding it it it’s gonna kill you, tell the world who you really are.”



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  1. Da Joker on December 13, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    I guess Rick ain’t so slick afterall.. The black community is small gossip travels fast.