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Twitter rids block button and Draya, Wale, Keyshia Cole and Joe Budden get blasted

drag21Twitter pulled a fast one on celebrities and yanked their block button, which was like unlocking the prison doors and letting the inmates run wild.

Some folk saw this and immediately dived into their favorite celebrity prey and let them have it, especially on the likes of Draya Michele, Wale, Keyshia Cole, Joe Budden and others. It was almost cruel. Take a look:

drag drag2

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  1. anwar1906 on December 14, 2013 at 11:18 am

    The sad part is noooooobody cares about these ppl tryin to get RT from ppl at the expense of celebrities, do u REALLY think these celebs are losing sleep?? Ppl are retarded. So much energy wasted on dissin ppl that gives 2 shits about em #EpicFail