Lamar Odom blaming Khloe Kardashian for the divorce?

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom

After months of heavy-hearted anticipation, Khloe Kardashian finally filed for divorce from her husband, Lamar Odom, after nearly two years of marital problems over his crack cocaine addiction and extramarital affairs. Although Khloe is the one who initiated the breakup, a new report claims that Odom, who publicly fought so hard to save his marriage, is blaming Khloe for the divorce and wants to be out of the marriage as well.

According to TMZ, Odom is allegedly saying that his friends are the ones to blame for his infidelity, claiming that they are “supporting me the wrong way by bringing girls around.”

However, for Odom, the blame didn’t sit solely on the shoulders of his friends. It also lay upon the shoulders of Khloe.

“I can’t be f—–‘ with Khloe.  She brings out the bad side of me,” he said.

And Odom may be bitter about the divorce but that certainly doesn’t mean that he’s opposed to getting married again. In fact, he says that he’ll “get married” to his basketball career ASAP and simply focus on basketball.

If the story is true we’d also advise Odom to not only commit to his career, but also commit to looking at the man in the mirror and taking his fair share of blame for the problems in his soon-to-be defunct marriage and his life.

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